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1896 Athens Olympics Official Report

The Report is restored. On the last 10 photos as was found. It is signed, as a present to a colleaque, by a Bavarian born in Greece, M. Mindler, that was a competitor during the third Zappiad and, after the games of 1896, president of athletic clubs, founder of the scοuts in Greece and well known philatelist. On Photos 7,8 and 9 you can see the autoggrafed inscription and a photo of Marcus Mindler that during 1896 Olympics was the master of ceremonies of the games.

1906 Athens Olympics Official Report Brown

1906 Athens Olympics Official Report Red

1912 Stockholm Olympic Games Official Report Swedish.

1912 Ολυμπιακοί Αγώνες Στοκχόλμη Επίσημη Αναφορά στα Σουηδικά.

1920 Antwerp Olympic Report Swidish Delegation

1932 Los Angeles Olympics Official Report

The Report is restored on the last 3 photos as was found

1936 Berlin Olympics Official Report

1956 Melbourne Olympics Official Report

1972 Munich Olympics Official Report

2004 Athens Olympics Official Report

Athens 2004 official report Greek version

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